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Singapore Shoppers: Come see us at Zerrin Lounge through December 18!

Singapore Shoppers: Come see us at Zerrin Lounge through December 18!

We are so proud to announce we have been selected as one of Zerrin's 'Better Brands' to be featured in-store and online the Singapore based sustainable fashion curator's platform. 

Zerrin's vison (and why we're so honored to be a part of it) is to make shopping small, independent and sustainable the default. They take the ‘sus’ out of sustainability, demystifying conscious consumption so you can make it your own. Zerrin aims to help you find joy in dressing consciously — whether that looks like supporting choosing secondhand or supporting a sustainable brand and always strive to spotlight emerging talent and voices driving positive change.

Sette at Zerrin lounge

Founded in 2018 by sustainability warrior, Susannah Jaffer, she found herself struck by a hard truth: the rate at which we create and consume clothing has a massive impact on the planet. She believed that something had to be done to transform our relationship with fashion. At the same time, she was discovering an array of under-the-radar brands creating unique designs in a more eco and socially responsible way. However, any existing platforms showcasing sustainable products lacked good curation, community and content. 

Her solution? Creating a modern lifestyle brand that made it simple to find better alternatives to fast fashion: a well-curated, community-centric marketplace that showed style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

From test-launching the platform at her kitchen table, to hosting experiential pop up experiences, to a permanent physical store in Singapore, Susannah took an idea and made it a movement. ZERRIN is now the largest discovery platform for sustainable brands in South-East Asia, helping hundreds of people make more conscious wardrobe choices.

Shop and try us on in person from now through December 18 when the pop-up closes down. We highly recommend you go and feel our magical, proprietary fabric for yourselves. 


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