making accountability sexy

At Sette, we are rooted in the belief that we need to leave the earth better than we found it. When we started the brand, we always knew that the word compromise would never come into our vocabulary. You can always count on us to serve quality, earth friendly and super hot drops. 

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fabrics for life

We make everything from low-impact materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and post-consumer materials. Every collection's fabric holds a different sustainability story as a tool to teach our community more about the world of slow fashion and different ways we can make an impact.

a tree for every piece

We have partnered with OneTreePlanted, so for every Sette product we make, a tree is planted in Indonesia- a location precious to our founder where the idea for Sette was seeded. The more you buy the more trees we can plant, so....

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production we're proud of

We get to know all of our partners, so we can answer “who made our clothes” at every level of the supply chain, and ensure positive environmental and social impacts of our stuff. You can tell our products are made with love because we commit to taking care of our people first. 

minimalistic in design and waste

We have minimised our packaging to reduce unnecessary waste, and the materials we do use are fully recyclable. We produce limited edition collections in small quantities to keep production less wasteful and exclusive, so you’ll have to grab what you want before it’s gone.

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